Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is looking to promote health via the application of science.

Using a broad range of tools, nutritional therapy practitioners aim to identify and address underlying causes of health concerns, rather than just focusing on symptoms in order to help support the body towards maintaining health.

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How I work

The Nutritional Therapy Way

Nutritional TherapyBased on a functional medicine approach, nutritional therapists value that we are all biochemically unique. Hence recommendations that work for one person with the same symptoms or condition may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, all information gathered about clients is looked into holistically, on the individual level, rather than one size fits all approach, aiming to find connections between individual client symptoms and their underlying causes. Based on findings and latest scientific research, nutritional therapists will then prepare suitable personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendation programme, to address potential contributing factors to clients’ symptoms and help achieve the best possible results.

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Who might be suitable for nutritional therapy

Anyone who is seeking to:

  • Optimise their health and wellbeing
  • Learn about how dietary and lifestyle choices could be affecting their health
  • Benefit from support to make healthy eating habits or follow dietary needs
  • Address or support existing health issues, symptoms, or chronic health conditions
  • Apply more preventative approach to help reduce the risk of disease

Evidence-Based Approach

My recommendations are backed by scientific research, and are tailored to you. 

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