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“Achieving better health outcomes by linking your individual genetic information with personalised nutrition to support your genes.”

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Nutrigenomics – is the study of the relationship between nutrients and gene expression. In other words, how the food we eat can influence our genetic expression and how our genes affect how our body responds to food and absorb and use various vitamins and minerals in our diet.

Nutrigenomic testing – identifies small variations in genetic code called SNPs that can impact how our body and mind responds to our lifestyle and the environment and impact our overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, it can be a beneficial tool to help us understand our inborn vulnerabilities and how to support them through personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes.

What is DNA, and what are genes?

Nutrigenomics EssexDNA is the molecule that carries genetic information passed on from your ancestors.

Genes are segments of DNA that contain instructions that generally direct the body to make specific proteins that instruct cells what to do.

Many people associate genes with physical characteristics like height, weight, eye colour, etc. However, common small genetic variants (SNPs) can impact our biochemical processes, which can affect our health, making each person unique in a way how our body operates too.

We all have these genetic variations, and while one variant (SNP) can make a difference, it is a combination of multiple variants and environmental factors that can result in many chronic symptoms and diseases and determine our health outcomes.

These genetic variants can impact our response to food,  nutrient need, appetite, blood sugar control, sleep, and detoxification. It can affect how effectively we make and respond to various hormones, eliminate them from the body, or respond to vitamin D, or brain chemicals such as serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, etc.

Environmental factors such as stress, how much exercise we do,  how much sleep we get, toxic burden, family history, food choices, and our nutrient status can change how the genes are expressed, if the SNPs are turned on or off, and thus alter our risk and response to diseases.

Nutrigenomic testing can help discover these genetic variations (SNPs) and how they can impact various biochemical pathways and our health.

The tests could help explain questions like:

  • Why does my friend have the same oestrogen levels as me but hasn’t got mood changes, migraines, weight gain, etc., as I do?
  • Why do I follow the same “healthy” diet and lifestyle plan as others but don’t get the same results?
  • Why can’t I tolerate HRT? Or it’s not improving my symptoms?
  • Why do I keep putting on weight even though I exercise and eat well?
  • Could my migraines be related to histamine issues?
  • Why are my vitamin D levels still low even though I have been taking vitamin D supplements?
  • Why do I keep having sleep issues, not feeling motivated, often overwhelmed, or not coping well under stressful conditions?

 and so on  ….

green berry nutrition Essex Nutritionist Green BerryTherefore, genetic testing could shed light on various unexplained symptoms and issues. Also, give you information on your unique nutrient needs and how your genes and diet could work better together so you can take a more personalised and proactive approach to your health.

I am a qualified practitioner with Lifecode Gx, which enables me to apply the latest genomic science in providing tailored approach to your health.

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cropped GreenBerry Favicon Essex Nutritionist Green Berry
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Functional Testing

As part of a functional medicine approach and where an NHS test is not available, I offer functional laboratory testing. 

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