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My Story

My personal experiences had led me to learn more about the power of nutrition. Searching for answers to my health complaints had also allowed me to understand my clients on a deeper level and support them on their health journeys.

My personal journey

My Story

My nutritional journey began in my early thirties after I went through long periods of stress and an overly busy lifestyle. I had gradually started to experience symptoms such as reduce energy levels, insomnia, frequent colds, infections, low moods, anxiety, and panic attacks. Symptoms got worse following the birth of my daughter as well as other health issues, including food sensitivities, gut problems, skin rashes, and unexplained muscle pains, had started to kick in.

In the beginning, I had tried to ignore my symptoms, which I had put down to being a new parent and tried my best to carry on as normal, working and exercising, but my symptoms were getting worse and soon daily life, and things I needed or wanted to do had become such a struggle, even gentle exercise was leaving me exhausted. I was napping regularly throughout the day and was looking for every opportunity to lay in bed. I had seen my doctor on several occasions, but apart from low vitamin D levels found by blood tests, I was informed there was nothing else wrong with me. I knew I did not want to carry on like this and realised I had to try other options to help myself.

I began researching the internet, read lots of health articles regarding my symptoms, and tried different foods and diets, but I still wasn’t feeling the way I wanted. Moreover, soon all the information I found become very confusing, leaving me thinking what to do next.

Determined to feel better, I had decided to see a nutritional therapy practitioner, who had finally started to give me some answers to my questions and advice, which at last had led to some results. I was recommended low sugar, an anti-inflammatory diet, as well as foods and supplements to help heal my gut and improve my energy levels. I was also recommended supplements to support my adrenal glands and balance my cortisol (stress hormone) levels to help address insomnia, inflammation, and pain associated with cortisol imbalance.

Although I was starting to feel much better and was eventually symptoms free, I became more passionate about my health. My interest to learn about the relationship between nutrition and health and the science behind it was also growing. It was then I decided to enrol into 4-year nutritional therapy course with the BCNH College of Nutrition and Health to learn more about the power of nutrition, which would not only enable me to help myself, but also give me an opportunity to support others on their health journeys as a nutritional therapy practitioner.

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Andrea Stevens (DipBCNH mBANT mCNHC)

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in Wickford, Essex. I am registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC), which set out standards to promote a high level of education, practice, and integrity within the nutritional therapy profession.

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